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Featured News

  • THrill Night

    Temasek Hall never had the tradition of celebrating Halloween. Apart from a yearly traditional scare zone and some light refreshment… Read more >

  • EnTHral

    After 3 years of being a resident, it still amazes me how much I look forward to hall events. And… Read more >

  • Untitled-1

    Every year, Temasek Hall’s very own Outdoor Activities Club (OAC) organizes various exciting and interactive activities. On the 15th of… Read more >

  • THOR

    The night started early for Temasekians on 18th September, as everyone geared up for the annual Temasek Hall Overnight Riding… Read more >

  • TH-Bash1

    Planning for Temasek Hall Bash 2015 started close to a year before the event. From the theme of the event… Read more >

  • Untitled-1

    Wednesday evening saw throngs of Temasekians dressed to the nines gather in our homely communal hall to celebrate a milestone… Read more >

  • TH vs KE7

    It was the first official match Temasek Hall’s Basketball guys had played in this season’s IHG. And what a match…. Read more >

  • soccer1

    Supporters crowded the stands at the SRC, waiting for the Temasek Hall vs Kent Ridge Hall soccer game to begin…. Read more >

  • handball 1

    On 22nd January 2015, our handball male and female team did Temasek proud, emerging victorious in a gruelling battle against… Read more >

  • IHG 1415

    Dearest Temasekians, The IHG spirit is upon us once again, and here’s a quick wrap up on the action so far!… Read more >

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