GEH1063 Understanding Body, Mind and Culture through Sport

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Module Description

In the contemporary society, sports are closely linked to larger issues such as health, fitness, physical appearance, money, politics, and cultural values. This module draws on physical, psychological and sociocultural knowledge and complements it with required practical and experiential learning to provide students with a grounded appreciation of sports and related issues. The module discusses basic principles in sports physiology and nutrition for the promotion of physical and mental resilience/well-being. It also seeks to address issues related to the development of sporting culture and policies in Singapore.

In addition, the module confronts controversial issues pertaining to the use of substances to improve performance and motivation to attain the desired body image. Finally, the module provides an evidence-based platform for the evaluation of contemporary sporting technology and aids, encouraging critical analysis and differentiation of commercially-driven gimmicks from truly efficacious sporting products..

Learning Outcomes

1. Appreciate and apply the basic physiological principles of exercise for physical/mental well- being and performance.

2. Analyze and discuss the changing landscape of sports and its impact on culture, individuals, and motivation.

3. Analyze and present a case relating the impact of nutrition, supplements or sports-enhanced substances to training outcomes and desired body image.

4. Respond critically to conflicting issues confronting athletes through an appreciation of the dynamics between mind and attitude, fitness and skills.

5. Conceptualize and present an effective training program and integrate technology to facilitate the efficacy of training methods grounded on theoretical assumptions of sports science.


GEH1063 is a 100% Continuous Assessment module (No examination), which is further broken down to:

  • Term Project – Group assignment (30%), presentation (15%) and peer assessment (5%),
  • IVLE Forum-based Journal Reflection – Individual (20%),
  • Practical Reports – Individual (10%),
  • Field Trip Report – Individual (10%),
  • Practical Spot Quiz – Individual (5%), and
  • Class Participation - Individual (5%)





Modular Credits

4 MCs


2 – 0 – 1 – 5 – 2

Offer Period

Semester 2 of Academic Year 2017/2018


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More information

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