2015 Alumni Events

Chill-Out Evening (19 June)

This evening event was specially planned for the more senior alumni who graduated in the 1990s. A total of 20 alumni came with their families. Many of the couples met each other during their stay in Temasek Hall, making this event even more meaningful. The alumni and their families received a warm welcome from Hall Master A/Prof Victor Tan and the event kicked start with a buffet dinner in the cosy main television lounge where the alumni, current residents, Hall Master, Resident Fellows, Hall Manager Mr Low Cheng Hong and staff members interacted and shared memories with one another.

After dinner, they were given a guided tour to the facilities around Temasek Hall. They reminisced as they walked past the many familiar places around the hall, especially the Communal Hall and the rooms where they spend most of their time in. Many were seen excitedly relating to their children the fun and interesting hall life experience. The children were well entertained with a terrarium workshop conducted by the current residents and they thoroughly enjoyed getting their hands dirty to create a little piece of nature that the can bring home. It was extremely heart-warming to see the past, present and possibly future Temasekians gather together in a place that they would call home, during their University days. The evening ended off with a movie screening for the children while the adults mulled and reminisced nostalgically over the Hall Annuals of their years. As a token of appreciation, the alumni also pooled together a donation for the Temasek Hall Bursary.

TH Alumni Staycation (13-14 June)

A total of 25 alumni who graduated in the last 5 years were invited back for the first ever overnight stay in the Hall. A series of exciting activities were planned and actively participated by both the alumni and current residents. These included friendly sport matches, barbecue dinner, screening of hall videos, chill out and board game challenges well into the wee hours of the morning. They were joined by the current Hall Master A/Prof Victor Tan, former Hall Master A/Prof Francis Tay, Resident Fellows, Hall Manager and Hall Office members. It was a meaningful and nostalgic event for all. The staycation provided a golden opportunity for these alumni to interact and relive the memorable hall life again. It also created an opportunity for both alumni and current residents to engage with one another. Feedback was encouraging with most of the alumni expressing their interest to come back to Temasek Hall again. They also showed their appreciation through a pooled donation to the Temasek Hall Bursary.

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